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Madison Brune

Madison's Acrostic
This is a picture Madison made for her mom, Sarah, during turkey season a couple of years ago. We love the "N" – None at all. Madison knew then that turkey hunting isn't always easy.

My mom's been hunting for a while, and I always see her excitement. So when she asked if I would want to go with her one day I said yes. We were able to go to my grandpa's farm with a friend of my mom's, Kody. The night before the hunt we went to bed early since we had to get up at 4:30 a.m. We walked in the dark to the blind, and got situated. It wasn't long before I heard my first gobble. It was exciting and cool to hear how they talk but it quickly turned silent. Kody passed the time with his funny and interesting stories. He's a police officer so he's had plenty of exciting things happen to him. It was also really neat to see Kody call. He would cup his hand to make the sound appear to be a turning hen. Nothing seemed to be working, so unfortunately I didn't get to see any turkeys that day, but the experience was really cool.

I can't wait to go along on more hunts with my mom. I'm also learning how to shoot my .22 in hopes I can hunt myself one day.

Madison, 9

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